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Passionate About Small Business

Picture of Jennifer Gomez - Account Manager

Jennifer Fuentes

Account Manager

I am an experienced and self-motivated marketing strategist who brings valuable industry experience with a passion for digital marketing. As a small business owner myself I share my unique enthusiasm, and dedication to provide a wonderful experience and successful campaigns for our clients. I have gained skills from event planning, marketing strategy, digital marketing, product management, website build, and online advertising. My goal is to identify the client’s target market, brand image, and maintain its digital presence.

Robert Martinez

Robert Martinez

Founder & CEO

Years ago, I created a company to respond to the challenges that communities of color face due to technological advances. The company mission was, and is, to leverage digital marketing tools and strategies to scale SMBs and organizations. Its purpose remains true–to bridge the digital divide and provide our businesses the ability to compete against the titans of industry. In that effort, I have been able to support the promotion of a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem locally, and regionally. I now am excited to work with you in support of this mission. I look forward to fruitful relationships that benefit our clients, partners, and teams.

James Landas - Project Manager

James Landas

Director of Operations

I consider myself a jack of all trades with over 15 years of experience in a many different departments. From production, operations management, product management, to digital marketing. I find great satisfaction in bringing departments and teams together to reaching business goals. As a project manager I use this experience to help small businesses find solutions to help grow. I am very passionate about helping small businesses use the tools of today to become successful. I understand how it can be intimidating but I'm here to make sure they gain the knowledge and confidence to compete in the current market.

Sandra Moreno - Project Manager

Sandra Moreno

Account Manager

Master of Economics from the University of International Business and Economics, (对外经济贸易大学) Beijing, China. Bachelor of Communication. Impressed by E-commerce in China, I did my degree Thesis in “SWOT Analysis Chinese e-Commerce in México”. More than 10 years of work experience in communication, public relations and marketing. I am a people person, I love meeting new people, working as a team and sharing my knowledge. I am passionate about learning and developing new skills. I love professional challenges and personal growth. Leadership, emotional intelligence, assertive communication and strategic planning are some skills that are present in my professional growth.

Andrea Camacho - Graphic Designer

Andrea Camacho

Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer with an emphasis in management, creative and art director with several years of experience in the field of advertising and communication. I did a certification in web design and marketing in Bogota, Colombia, an intensive creativity course in São Paulo, Brazil, and a UX certification with Google in Puebla, Mexico, which has allowed me to be updated, expand my mind, my knowledge and my creativity. I am excited about design in all its expressions. I love having the challenge of communicating a service, a value or a feeling in the most effective and creative way to a target group, and even more, to put my knowledge and my learning at the service of the growth of a brand or a customer experience. I am always in the best disposition with my boots on to take on new challenges and new learning.

Leovy Ancheta - Digital Marketing Associate

Leovy Ancheta

Digital Marketing Associate

I'm an innovative and motivated marketing professional with vast experience and progressive marketing experience. My passion in the field of Digital Marketing has led me to exercise my creativity and strategic thinking. I always stay curious, always excited to learn new things and keep up-to-date with new trends. Aside from being a Registered Marketing Professional in the Philippines, I also got various certifications which includes Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. I am adept in monitoring and reporting marketing objectives, pragmatic and result oriented, and determined to build a strong market presence for the businesses I work on.

Rodrigo Bolio - Digital Marketing Customer Representative

Rodrigo Bolio

Digital Marketing Customer Representative

My passion is to create, based on insights and consumer behavior, marketing strategies, ideas, and communications that help different types of businesses to grow. Before deciding on my career, I have always been interested in subjects such as art, psychology, and business, nowadays I can take all of those subjects and mix them together into my work, with down-to-earth ideas that give results to the brands that I have worked with along my 8 years of experience where I have specialized in digital marketing, e-commerce, and communication strategies. My wishes are to contribute and put my passion into every of the brands that I help so that I can see them achieve success

Marcin Pawlikiewicz - Front End Developer

Marcin Pawlikiewicz

Front End Developer

I build e-commerce businesses and love to systemize anything. I'm a big believer in working smarter not harder and when it comes to technology and websites I help you do just that. I can help you scale your online shop or service, or just help you build a beautiful online presence. I'm lucky to have done this with some very successful companies and now I'm working with Braven to bring those skills and apply them to all those who want to know the ways of the digital age. And yes, I did my photo in photoshop because I live in CO.

Gabriel Valdivia - Front End Developer

Gabriel Valdivia

Front End Developer

I've been a front end web developer for nearly a decade - 8 years to be exact. I love designing great sites that are fast and effective. Furthermore, I've worked for marketing agencies all over the world, and I've learned a lot from all of them. I'm well versed in the technical aspects of creating websites on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. Late last year I began to study digital marketing from Google and I received a digital marketing certificate. Now I focus on approaching each website build from an SEO perspective, and I carry that through all the way until launch and beyond. I believe I have a unique skill set rooted in my early days of graphic design and my career as a developer. Sprinkle technical SEO and web conversions into all that, and you'll find my work. Braven has been a home to me, and I'm proud to put my very best efforts towards helping our clients succeed.