5 Ways Your Retail Business Benefits From E Commerce

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1. Increase Sales, Without Major Increases in  Overhead   

  1. Selling online allows you to store merchandise in another warehouse, storage locker, or cheaper alternative. Instead of holding all your merchandise in a brick and mortar location, you can utilize cheaper alternatives to store inventory. 
  1. 71% of customers believe that they can find a better deal online than in person. (Pontine) Because of enhanced competition online, most people believe that they find better deals online. Despite this not being true 100% of the time, this does contribute to the rapid growth of ecommerce over the past few years and will result in more sales for your business, even if you keep prices exactly the same. 
  1. More sales, less staff. By selling online you save yourself money by enabling yourself to sell more products without hiring additional staff. Setting up a website is almost like setting up another location, except that you do not have to pay rent, hire additional staff, or move inventory. 
  1. Shopping online allows you to scale up and sell on a wider scale. Whether your price point is high or low, moving onto the internet will introduce you to a larger market and enable you to increase your sales. As your sales increase online, your costs per delivery, and costs per acquisition will incrementally drop and result in higher profits. 

2. Reach More Customers

Moving online allows you to reach more customers around the world. Google my Business and Facebook allow you to set up service areas, where your business will be highlighted with emphasis locally. Many people spend extensive amounts of time online, especially on social media. By utilizing these platforms for your business, you interact with customers already interested in your products or services. 

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Some of the best platforms to join online: 


Great place to show your products or services in action. Instagram showcases what your brand is about. Many people nowadays do not buy products, they buy stories. On instagram you can create a story that makes people excited and proud to do business with you. 


Facebook has some of the most functionality when it comes to online listings. You can share what services you provide. Set up an online shop. Run ads. Display calls to action. Provide links to your other social media accounts. Measure data on how much engagement your page is receiving. Boost posts. Connect your page to your instagram to post on both accounts simultaneously. For more information on how to set up a Facebook Business page, check out this article. If you would like to know how to ad admins to your Facebook page, check out this article.

Google my Business Listing

One of the most useful listings you can create online. You can highlight your business on Google without investing in SEO or Google Adwords with a knowledge panel next to Google search results. This is especially useful for people searching for you on cellular devices. Customers can call you directly. Receive directions to your business. Leave reviews. Check out your website. Message you right from their phone. Best of all, you can set up an account for free! For reasons why business listings such as this one are important, check out this article. For tips on how to fully optimize business listings, check out this article

Yelp (Brick and Mortar Only)

Yelp is known for giving out some of the most accurate reviews online. While many functionalities cost extra money to set up, such as a call to action, including your logo in your account, and removing negative reviews, free accounts still provide tremendous value. Yelp often creates accounts for businesses without the knowledge of the business owner. By claiming your account you prevent competition from taking over your listing and publishing false information. In addition, the more platforms you are on the wider your reach online becomes, and the more customers you can do business with. You can put links to your website on Yelp for free, and use this as a platform to drive traffic back to your shop online. Furthermore, this link from Yelp to your business will help your Search Engine Optimization, by providing a backlink to your shop online thus increasing your relevance online. 


Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform online. This platform is so prevalent that their CEO literally went out of this world. Experts predict that, “Amazon will receive more than one-quarter of US ecommerce sales dollars for every category other than auto/parts.” (Baxter) This being said, Amazon is one of the best platforms to do business on in terms of reach. Unfortunately, Amazon is also known for predatory pricing. This ecommerce behemoth will often sell at a loss to guarantee that consumers will return to the website for sales in the future. Amazon is a great place to set up a shop online, but it can be dangerous as an exclusive ecommerce platform.

3. Measure Customer Data and Retain Customers for Long Periods of Time

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Capture data about your customers. Find out when customers are shopping, characteristics about which customers shop most, and develop strategies to keep these customers coming back. Find your ideal customer, and inspire them to become excited about your business.          

You can use a variety of strategies to retain customers. 

Retargeting emails

These are emails that you send to customers who have already visited your website. You can remind them about items they left in a cart that they never checked out, let them know about promotions, send them discounts for birthdays, and just reach out to them to keep your business in their mind. 

Content marketing

Giving people relevant content is one of the best ways to retain customers. Free style guides on how to wear your clothes in the most appealing ways, is a great way to give free content that provides value to consumers. Tips on how to keep your car clean for as long as possible work great for car wash businesses. If you are a coffee shop, send lists of what types of food pair best with your coffee. Any “life hacks” are great examples of content marketing. Give people reasons to continue using your product or service, and remind them of the value you bring them. 

Customer Referral Programs

You can encourage customers to incorporate word of mouth marketing by creating customer referral programs. The most effective form of marketing is word of mouth from family and friends, because this type of marketing creates the most amount of trust between the consumer and the product/ service. This not only brings in new customers, but gives promotions to your existing customers and galvanizes them to become even more excited about your brand. 

4. Enhance Customer Convenience

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Make life easier for customers. The more convenient it is to buy from you, the more likely customers are to make the purchasing decision. 

Ways to ensure customer convenience: 

Website speed

By having a quick website speed, you ensure customers have  quick convenient experience. Nothing drives customers away like a website that takes forever to load.  

Functionality On Both Mobile Devices and On Desktops

Creating a website that looks good on both mobile makes your website accessible to as many people as possible. This also makes it easier for consumers to come to a purchase decision no matter which device they are using. 

Straightforward navigation

Having a website with straightforward navigation allows users to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Make sure your menu is easily accesible and easy to follow.


This reassures consumers that you are providing plenty of value to them. 

Not too much content

Keep content to just what provides value to your consumers. The last thing you want to do is put too much content on your website and distract your customers from making the purchases you want them to. 

5. Most Shoppers Start Their Customer Journey Online

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81% of customers google a business before making a purchase (Chainstoreage). Since customers start their customer journey online, more of them will purchase your product if it is available, or they will buy it in person because they see your business as trustworthy and legitimate. For more information on which platforms are best for building your website, check out this article. 


Ecommerce helps your retail business grow. You can reduce your overhead costs, reach more customers, retain customers for a longer period of time, find the right customers, enhance your customer’s experience, and reassure them of your legitimacy and value. Hiring a digital marketing agency ensures you meet these goals. If you would like a free consultation on your current ecommerce capabilities, as well as a variety of free resources, sign up here today! 


Pontine, Christopher, and Mohit. “15 Facts about ECommerce That’ll Keep You up at Night (2021).” Create A Website Today, 17 Mar. 2021, www.creatingawebsitetoday.com/15-facts-about-ecommerce-thatll-keep/.

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How To Boost Your Google Ranking In 6 Easy Steps (SEO)

Search engine results are a battlefield. Only one result comes out on top, and you are fighting people from all over the world to even get close. You can pay for ads to supersede the competition, however there are also free alternatives. Here we will explain the best methods for moving to the top result on Google without paying a cent.

1. Provide Relevant Content

The easiest and most prevalent method for improving search engine rankings! By making sure your content focuses on your customer, you can increase the amount of intended customers that visit your page. This will lead to both increases in your search ranking and more potential leads. One way to target your customer and find people with intent is to incorporate the words people will use to find a business like yours.

The easiest way for you to move upwards in Google search rankings is to incorporate as many keywords as possible. The best method for locating keywords is to use either:

Google Trends

Set up a Google Adwords account

Features such as SEMrush

Using these sites will give you an idea of what people are searching for when looking for your business online. Furthermore, adding these keywords to your website as many times as possible helps you boost your ranking with Google. Here are a few examples of some of the keywords we use:

°How to set up ecommerce °Marketing research

°How to advertise online °B2B marketing

°Marketing strategy °SEO services

We recommend creating a database of relevant keywords. This database can be referred to when putting together blog posts, descriptions on your website, and any other area where you would have the opportunity to enhance your website’s SEO.

You have to be careful, however. If you use too many keywords and they do not flow with the content, or are exposed as simple search engine optimization manipulation, you will lose your spot in search rankings. This is known as black hat SEO and this will have a negative effect on your Google search rankings.

2. Regularly Update Your Content

Regularly updating your content is one of the largest indicators for a site’s relevancy. Periodically combing through and updating your content allows you to move up within search engine results. Setting up a biannual pattern on your calendar, perhaps through calendly, allows you to keep your content relevant, and your page at the forefront of search engine results.

3. Use Links!

Add relevant links throughout your site. Using links allows you to not only boost your own site’s SEO, but the SEO of the site you are linking to as well. Linking other blog posts is one of the most effective methods of utilizing links because this allows you to capitalize on both receiving and providing the link.

When creating links, focus on using relevant keywords instead of just calls to action such as “click here”. Using keywords further enhances your SEO, and provides a quick description of what people will expect to see after clicking on the link.

4. Use Metadata

Metadata – data describing other data.

Title Metadata – The most vital metadata on your webpage. This tells the search engine what information will be given in your webpage. Great place to put keywords to enhance your Search Engine Optimization. This shows up as the title of your webpage on search engine results.

Description Metadata – This is the description of your webpage. Most effective descriptions are one to two sentences. These descriptions serve as a quick synopsis on what people can expect from your webpage, similar to what you would find on the back of a book.

Keyword Metadata – Rarely used when deciding search engine results. But since you should already have a database of keywords, this is a great place to put 3-7 phrases with each phrase comprised of 1-5 words. Examples of keyword metadata include:

“Creative digital marketing agency”
“Digital Marketing Agency los Angeles”
“Digital Marketing Agency orange county”

5. Utilize Alt Tags

Alternative Text Descriptions. Use alt tags to describe your pictures, video, and any other visual media. Alt Tags help search engines find your webpage, especially when using screen readers or a browser that is text-only.

6. Create a Google My Business Listing Profile

Creating a Google my Business Listing is a surefire way to outshine your competition. In order to qualify you simply need to either have a brick and mortar location, or deliver to your clients within a certain service area. To create a Google my Business listing you need to:

  1. Type in your browser: google.com/business
  2. Insert your business name
  3. Add your business‘s address (if you have one)
  4. Input service areas (This is primarily for businesses that exclusively deliver services, but even with a brick and mortar I recommend inserting the surrounding counties to widen your reach)
  5. Select business category
  6. Input business phone number & URL for website.
  7. Finish completion with verification.

In addition to Google my Business Listings, there are a variety of other business listings that enable you to find new customers. Creating a complete and through online presence is essential for reassuring customers that your business is legitimate, and to remind them to return for more great value!


If you follow these steps you will slowly but surely move to the top of Google Search rankings! Keywords, keywords, keywords are the most important thing to take away from this. Add them to as many places as you can on your website. It takes time to see the results of some of this work, however making it to the top of Google is worth the wait.

If you are interested in having someone take care of these services and achieve the results you are looking for, give us a call today. As the best SEO and digital marketing company in Long Beach, we’ll let you focus on what you love, running your business. We’ll focus on what we love, which is bringing you more customers and increasing your profits!


“Five Ways to Improve Your Site’s Ranking (SEO): UMC: Michigan Tech.” Michigan Technological University, www.mtu.edu/umc/services/websites/seo/.

The 3 Best Websites to Advertise Restaurant Deals On

By Quetzal Martinez

Every day, restaurants offer vouchers, coupons, and membership deals. Here are 3 of the best websites to advertise exclusive deals on, so you can gain and retain new customers.

Kitchen, Work, Restaurant, Cook, Chef, Professional


Easily the most famous platform to advertise deals on. While Groupon has the most reach, they do require you to discount your services by at least 50%, followed by another 50% off of the new purchase price. All in all this is a great platform with incredible savings, but also something that requires you to bank on creating returning customers.

A great way to ensure customers return is to send retargeting emails out. That in addition to creating a consistent email marketing campaign will bring them back for seconds! Moreover, sending discounts through text message campaigns works extremely well, however these tend to work most effectively with time sensitive deals. Braven Agency has dedicated experts who will make sure you maximize your investment in Groupon.

Living Social

Much like Groupon, Living Social advertises more than just deals on restaurants. This website is a great place to find millennials who are looking for deals more competitive that what they find on Postmates, Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats, or any other competitors. Great place to post deals and find new customers!


Restaurant.com is one of the most well known sites for restaurant deals. Its all in the name. The deals on this restaurant center on vouchers. Most of these vouchers are worth about $25 but sell for around $2 to $3. While this may be daunting at first, most customers must spend a given amount of money to redeem the voucher (typically $50-$70). One voucher is allowed per table, and taxes and tip are expected to be paid as if there was no voucher. Great place to bring in large groups of people who are likely to return.


Advertising on these websites is a great way to spread awareness of your business. While this will increase your business in the short term, using digital marketing to retarget customers back to your business is the best way to maximize overall revenue. Small business is all about relationships, and consistent communication will keep those relationships strong. Contact Braven Agency and earn long-term customers today!


Fiegerman, Seth. “The Best Sites for Restaurant Deals.” TheStreet, TheStreet, 1 Nov. 2011, www.thestreet.com/personal-finance/credit-cards/best-sites-restaurant-deals-html#gid=ci02571689d0012797&pid=blivingsocialb.

Wolfe, Lahle. “What You Need to Know About Groupon and Small Businesses.” The Balance Small Business, www.thebalancesmb.com/how-using-groupon-can-hurt-your-business-3867065.


7 Best Platforms to Build a Website

Building a website is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. Not only does this provide a new avenue in which to make sales, but creating a website also reassures customers that your business is trustworthy and legitimate. After all, 81% of consumers look up a business before making a purchase.

Each platform has pros and cons that separate it from the competition. We have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. While WordPress works best for our business, each business has distinct goals for their online presence where another platform may provide you the most value.

Below we list the 7 best platforms on which to create a website. For a fully optimized website that facilitates the most sales, we recommend hiring a digital marketing firm such as ours to ensure your business goals are addressed and completed.


Starting price is $14 a month.

Wix is famous for its ease of use. There are various beautiful templates, endless customization, and a simple drag and drop interface. While it is beautiful and uncomplicated to set up, Wix is not the most affordable website option. There are not many plugins available nor does the website have incredible ecommerce tools. In addition, there are a few negative customer reviews and no 24/7 customer support. Scaling up and selling in large quantities may prove difficult on this website. However, this website remains one of the most popular sites due to its straightforward design. The usability of this website makes updates easy to execute, and as your business dynamically changes and adapts, Wix can keep up!


Starting at $12 a month.

King of e-commerce. Squarespace allows you to sell online and accept payments without the need to use plug-ins. However, if you do end up using plug-ins, Squarespace allows you to add functionalities that allow you track inventory, highlight certain products, and provide previews to clothing. With sleek and phenomenal website design, your small business creates a distinct look and makes the sales desired with Squarespace.


Starting at $6 a month.

The best option for Brick and Mortar. Weebly allows you to make a website for the least amount of money and investment, just so long as you do not spring to add other features. With a straightforward design interface that allows you to customize your website greatly and a professional look that is easy to create, Weebly is best for driving traffic back to your business. You can set up blogs within Weebly, however, there are other website platforms (WordPress) in this list that provide much more value when it comes to setting them up.


Starting at $10 a month.

Speediest setup. This platform is best for creating your site if you are looking to save time, and money as well. Unfortunately, GoDaddy is the least customizable out of all of our website options. For large-scale e-commerce efforts or highly customized websites, you may want to try another one of our website platforms. However, if you are looking for a website in which to sell niche products, or advertise services, GoDaddy may prove to be very valuable. GoDaddy’s strength lies in its ease in setting up and low price point.


Starting at $4 a month.

This is probably our favorite option. We are actually on a WordPress site right now. WordPress is best for people who are already comfortable with navigating the internet. WordPress offers incredible built-in blogging. With a few plug-ins, WordPress offers exceptional e-commerce capabilities as well. Basically, WordPress is complicated but worth it. If you are looking for a straightforward and simple website we recommend Wix, Weebly, or GoDaddy. If you want a website with the most features, customizability, and functionality, and are willing to put in the work, we recommend WordPress.


Starting at $29.92 a month

BigCommerce is devoted to large-scale e-commerce. The name says it all. With a practical design and further functionality available through apps, BigCommerce can handle any number of sales. If you are looking for a website that can handle large-scale sales, and do not mind paying a premium price, Big Commerce is perfect for you!


Starting at $29 a month.

One of the most well-known platforms for building websites. There are name generators, tools to create logos, and tutorials on how to use the platform. This platform is perfect for starting out, especially if your business is exclusively online. However, there is also the large price point and the fact that many of the best themes and apps cost additional money. Some find the website tricky to use, however, many have found great use with this platform.


Running a business is hard enough already. As time passes and an online presence becomes more essential, building a website is becoming a task that is simply unavoidable. Customers now expect most businesses to be online. Faltering on a website can hinder sales and make your business appear illegitimate.

Different website platforms offer different advantages. If you are having trouble deciding on a particular platform, we recommend Wix and Shopify. However, there is no harm in trying all of these websites out and seeing which one satisfies your business needs.

Building a website costs time and money. Braven offers affordable options for website creation, if you are interested in having a highly functional website that will increase your sales, contact to us today!

Adding Admins to your FB Page

Adding admins to your facebook allows you to spread responsibility of page management. This is essential for businesses with in house marketing teams, outsourced digital marketing agencies, and anyone who would like a fresh perspective in general. Two heads are better than one. Here we will explain how to add an admin to your Facebook page:

If you are looking for how to create a facebook page, check out this other blog.

Adding an Admin to your Page

  1. Start at the News Feed. Select Pages in the menu to the left.
  2. Find your page and click on Page Settings  in the lower left part of the page.
  3. Select Page Roles.

4. Insert the desired name into the text box. It helps you find accounts if you have already added the person as a friend on facebook.

5. Select Editor and choose from the options in the drop down menu.

6. Select add. Put in your password, and the new person will be added!

If you are not friends with the person you wish to add, they will have to accept your invite before they can help you manage the page.

Removing Users from your FB Page

You must already be an Admin:

  1. Start at the News Feed. Select Pages in the menu to the left.
  2. Find your page and click on Page Settings  in the lower left part of the page.
  3. Select Page Roles.
  4. Select edit to the side of the person you want to remove from the page, and then select remove.
  5. Select Confirm. Facebook may ask you for your password.

If you are the only admin you will not be able to remove yourself from the page unless you have added a new admin. Other admins may have to approve your request to be removed.

Change Someone’s Role

You must already be an admin:

  1. Start at the News Feed. Select Pages in the menu to the left.
  2. Find your page and click on Page Settings  in the lower left part of the page.
  3. Select Page Roles.
  4. Select edit to the side of the person whose role you want to modify, choose a new role from the menu.
  5. Select save. Facebook may ask you for your password.

New admins must wait at least 7 days before being able to remove or edit other admins.


Utilizing these resources are essential for fully optimizing your facebook pages. Manage your page, add and remove whoever necessary, and promote and demote as you see fit. Adding admins is necessary for outsourced marketing.

Creating a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are vital business listings. Here I will explain how to create a Facebook page to engage with your customers. For Facebook page creation, Instagram page creation, Yelp page creation, SEO, PPC Advertising, GMB listings, email marketing, and various other forms of digital marketing services, I recommend hiring a digital marketing agency such as Braven Agency, or singing up for programs such as LA Optimized.

Initial Setup

  1. Click here: to create a Facebook page. You will need a facebook account to create a page.
  2. Select the get started button and select the type of page you want to create. You have the option to create an account for a community/public figure or a business or brand.
  3. Add in the information for a business account:
    1. Under page name, enter the name of your business or a name associated with your business, customers are most likely to search for.
    2. For the category section, put in a few words that describe the nature of your business. Facebook offers plenty of options to help you categorize your business.
    3. Next facebook will ask for your phone number and address, and you can decide whether you want to display all of this information or just the location of the city and state
    4. Finally press Continue.

Adding Photos

Assorted Photos on White Wooden Shelf
  1. Uploading Profile Picture .
    1. Profile photos should be a logo or image of the business/public figure. This photo appears with text in the Facebook search box. The image chosen should help users immediately recognize the page. The photo will be cropped to a circle, so keep all vital information out of the corners of the photo.
    2. For Desktop, profile photos are shown with 170 x 170 pixels.
    3. On mobile profile phots will be displayed with 128 x 128 pixels.
    4. Once a photo is chosen, click on Upload Profile Picture.
  2. Uploading Cover Photo
    1. This image needs to convey the values and message of your brand.
    2. This message is much larger than the profile photo, and appears behind the profile photo.
    3. For mobile devices, the cover photo will have 640 x 360 pixels.
    4. On Desktop, the cover photo will be 400 x 150 pixels.
    5. Optimum dimensions for a cover photo are 720 x 315 pixels.
    6. Once the perfect cover photo is selected, click on Upload Cover Photo.

Creating your Username

Your username helps people locate you on Facebook. AKA vanity URL.

  1. Go to the left menu and select “Create Page @Username”, and put in the username you would like to use. You have the option of using up to 50 characters, however the shorter the username, the higher the likelihood of people remembering and utilizing it.

Adding in Additional Page Info

The description, categories, contact info, location, and price range can be entered in this stage. This can be put off until later, however the earlier you enter this information the more value you will get out of this Facebook page. In the top menu under Edit Page Info you can find each of these categories.


This description shows up in search results, so this should be short and to the point. A few sentences that share vital information works best in this situation.


Here you can add more categories to your facebook page. These are the same categories that we explored in initial setup.


Share important contact information that you want your customers to be able to easily reach and contact you with. Phone number, email address, website.


Using Google Maps, put in the location of your business. If your business is located within a mall or skyscraper, you will have to specify which building your business is located within.


Specify your hours of operation.

Price Range

Let customers know about how much you charge for services. Price ranges go from one $ meaning cheap pricing, two $$ meaning moderate pricing, three $$$ meaning expensive pricing, and lastly $$$$ meaning splurge pricing. Select your pricing based on your branding and market position.

First Post

Create a post that offers value to customers. Great posts are reposts of content from thought leaders, promotions, or something new and original. The goal is to create something of value that will motivate users to continue interacting with the page.

Publish your Page!

Low-angle Photo of Fireworks

Finally you can publish your page and invite an audience to interact with the page. Go to the left hand menu and select the publish this page. Promote this page across channels and invite your facebook friends to like the page. Happy hunting!


Optimizing your webpage can be hard work. To capture the most value from your facebook listing, I recommend hiring a Digital Marketing Agency such as Braven Agency. This agency will create and manage your business listings across social media, and optimize your online presence in a variety of ways.

Government response to COVID 19:

Pandemics occur with varying effects. Some are more deadly than others. While Covid 19 has been terrible, I will take this pandemic over the plague any day. That being said, this pandemic is still extremely lethal. Our government has done what it can to limit the spread of this disease. Here we will go into the actions by the government regarding health guidelines, social restrictions, and business lockdowns. 

person holding umbrella with light

Health Guidelines.

While this may come off as common sense or obvious, for many this was not: Wash your hands! Whether you are using soap that comes out as foam, or the simpler kind you find in gas station bathrooms. Wash your hands! Just in case you are confused on the proper technique, we have it outlined here: 

  1. Wet hands (warm or cold water)
  2. Apply soap and spread it all over your hands. Under the fingernails, between your fingers, on the front and back of your hands, everywhere! 
  3. Scrub your hands for 20 seconds! Sing the happy birthday song twice or set a timer.  
  4. Rinse your hands under clean water! 
  5. Dry with a clean towel, or let air do its work!
gray stainless steel faucet

Sometimes you may not have access to a sink, so you may have to settle for hand sanitizer. While this may kill some germs, this is not nearly as effective as washing your hands. So when possible, wash your hands!

Here are some other guidelines that will help slow the spread of germs: 

  1. Wear a mask 
  2. Limit contact with strangers 
  3. Only leave your home for essentials (Food, cleaning supplies, medicine) 
  4. Avoid people who are high risk (Elderly and preexisting conditions)

The most important thing is that we keep each other safe. The vaccine is on its way, if we continue to follow these rules we will be free of these restrictions in no time. 

Social Restrictions :

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is photo-1606592632371-b3d35cdfdcab

Our government asks that we limit the number of people we see. This is to limit our possibility of infection. I recommend that people keep in touch through social media, google hangouts, or Zoom. 

I recommend that people only interact with those that they live with and see on a daily basis. For those that NEED to see a few others, I recommend that they create a “pod.” These pods would consist of a few people who severely limit their interactions outside of the pod. This works best for college students or young professionals who are away from family. This is very dangerous, because it makes pod members completely reliant on trusting those they interact with. I recommend being very selective when choosing pod members, because if people join who are not trustworthy they can infect the entire pod, which would spread infection to roommates and the pods of the roommates.

two yellow and red ceramic owl figurines

Business Lockdowns: 

Many businesses, large and small, have been shut down because of Covid 19 regulations. Since each state sets up its own rules for social distancing, rules vary from state to state.

silver iphone 6 beside silver macbook

Physical proximity allows for rapid infection. In order to keep people safe: restaurants, retail locations, and all businesses in between must make significant changes.

Workers wear masks and gloves to protect themselves and customers. Most restaurants only allow take out, and a few allow for patio seating.

person holding white and yellow cap

In Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and Entrepreneur in Residence Roberto Martinez have launched LA Optimized, an initiative to help small businesses recover from the shutdowns.

By facilitating the creation of websites, the online marketers who specialize in digital marketing media can generate leads for small businesses. Digital marketing agencies near me, you and anyone in the LA area or around the world, possess the capabilities to provide social media consultancy, manage social media, and even provide insight for influencer social media. These businesses can help with marketing for B2B or directly to the consumer, and can help businesses grow despite the Covid 19 regulations.

81% of people google a business before they consider a purchase, so having an online presence is becoming increasingly important. 


With everything we must do to keep ourselves alive, the internet is becoming increasingly important. Many people are utilizing it to work form home. People are using it to communicate from a safe distance. Some are even using it to learn how to properly wash their hands. With the internet taking over a larger part of our everyday lives, putting your business online is becoming evermore important.

Improve your online presence today!


07/12/2013. “Study: 81% Research Online before Making Big Purchases.” Chain Store Age, 12 July 2013, chainstoreage.com/news/study-81-research-online-making-big-purchases.

“When and How to Wash Your Hands.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 24 Nov. 2020, www.cdc.gov/handwashing/when-how-handwashing.html.

Why Businesses Listings are Important

Consistency and convenience drive business. People love things that are easy, simple and straightforward. Putting important information in an easy to find place helps drive new customers to your store. Especially local ones. Here we will explain 5 reasons why 

1. Improve your local search ranking 

Thank You For Shopping Local Lettering Text on Black Background

Creating consistent information helps search engines recognize your site as trustworthy. This trust translates into your site getting a boost in rankings. People will see your site faster than competitors. By also including your location, your boost in rankings is even higher when customers are near your business. 

2. Create contact information that is consistent 

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Consistency is just as important to customers as it is to Google.  Providing customers with consistent information lets them know you are professional and legitimate. If customers use a phone number that has been discontinued they will take their business elsewhere. 

3. Protect your online reputation 

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Competitors can commit fraud and replace your phone number with theirs. Creating a business listing ensures that customers receive the correct information when searching for your business. Google sometimes creates listings on its own. However these listings may also include outdated information. By taking control of the listing you ensure that your business has a legitimate reputation. 

4. Increase website traffic

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With a boost in rankings more people will come across your site. Also with your business listing appearing on the side of the search engine results page, customers can see your information before they make their selection. Both of these actions will significantly widen your audience and customer base.

5. Increase phone calls to your business

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Many people use Google on their mobile phones. By including a phone number in your listing, you enable customers to call you easily. An outdated phone number would discourage business. Having a business listing with the correct phone number ensures that customers will contact the right establishment. 


Business listings help boost your ranking on search engines, brings in more customers, and enables a connection that facilitates an easy interaction between you and your customers. LA Optimize, an initiative brought forth by Mayor Garcetti and EIR Roberto Martinez, helps businesses in the city of Los Angeles acquire these listings for FREE. For businesses outside of the city of Los Angeles, Braven Agency can create these listings as well. 

LA Optimize Driving Success for LA (Program Overview)

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LA Optimized, an initiative to help local small businesses recover from the pandemic by expanding their e-commerce capabilities and growing their online presence. The project will be overseen by the Mayor’s newly appointed 2021 Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), Roberto Martinez.  This initiative will be achieved by: 

Creating or Optimizing Online Business Listings

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A  business listing is supplemental information that draws customers into your business. They work most effectively with local brick and mortar businesses. They list important contact information, and details about their location. Some of the information listed is : 

  • Contact information 
  • Short description of the business 
  • Hours of operation
  • Popular times when customers arrive
  • url for the website 
  • Address 
  • Directions from your location 
  • photos of the business 
  • Reviews 
  • Similar businesses 

While search engines may create business listings automatically, these are not as trustworthy as creating one yourself. Competitors can insert their own contact information, and the search engine may forget to update outdated information.

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Performing E-commerce Audits

Ecommerce audits allow you to gage the performance of the business online. These audits also grant us access into the issues that obstruct proper online optimization. Auditing the website allows you to find which problems are holding the business back online, and interfere with creating the most competitive website possible. 

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Creating or Optimizing Business Websites

Creating and optimizing business websites allows you to significantly increase your customer base. Optimization allows you to improve your search rankings and reach a wider audience. This will allow you to encourage more purchases online, and expand your business. 

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Connecting Small Businesses to Creative and Design Services

Creative and design services distinguish your business from competitors. Having a unique aesthetic will help you stay in the minds of your customers, and will help you create a brand image. This aesthetic can be spread across social media channels, and repeated interaction with customers will lead to higher customer engagement and purchases of your products or services. 

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LA optimized will help businesses who have been struggling with the Covid epidemic recover and expand. This pandemic has led to a surge in online purchases.

An estimated 2.05 billion people shopped online in 2020.  Because of coronavirus 42% of consumers bought groceries online.

63% of shopping occasions begin online.

81% of people search a business online before purchasing anything.

With an online presence becoming ever more important, now is the time to create an online presence and capitalize on these opportunities! If you are outside of the city of Los Angeles, take advantage of this initiative with a digital marketing agency today! 

City of LA Appoints Roberto Martinez as Entrepreneur in Residence

The city of Los Angeles appointed Roberto Martinez as the new Entrepreneur in Residence for Los Angeles! His experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO,  and Google Coach have prepared him to launch LA Optimize. This is an initiative that will help small businesses survive the pandemic by optimizing their online presence.


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Roberto  Martinez understands the difficulties that come with managing a small business. His experience starting his own company prepared him to help others overcome these challenges.

Starting a business can be extremely difficult, however the rewards of success outweigh the costs. By going through these crucibles himself, Martinez is able to provide vital knowledge and expertise to other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship drives our economy, gives us wonderful new products, and inspires the next generation.

Martinez understands the value and necessity of this process, and has spent the last 15 years ensuring entrepreneurs have the capabilities they need to create.


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Braven Agency provides services in digital marketing that enable clients to realize their vision and business goals. Creating and running this company has gifted Martinez the experience that has taught him which aspects of an online presence are most vital.

Whether he is training others in search engine optimization, social media consultancy, website development, youtube video promotion, or a number of other services, his goals are always clear:

To generate online leads for his clients. Increase marketing ecommerce for his clients. To add value.

These skills have set him up to help LA recover from the pandemic. 

Google Coaching

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According to Bloom’s taxonomy, teaching requires the highest level of understanding.

By teaching groups of individuals online in various forms of online marketing, Martinez has cemented his skills in this field. 

He not only helps people help themselves, but he deepens his own understanding through each google coaching session.

If you are interested in learning through Roberto Martinez, you can attend any of his classes for FREE. 


Roberto Martinez understands the power and importance of online marketing. His mission is to help people help themselves, and through initiatives such as LA Optimize, he will widen access to marketing ecommerce. Sign up for LA Optimize at no cost to you today!

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