7 Best Platforms to Build a Website

Building a website is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. Not only does this provide a new avenue in which to make sales, but creating a website also reassures customers that your business is trustworthy and legitimate. After all, 81% of consumers look up a business before making a purchase.

Each platform has pros and cons that separate it from the competition. We have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. While WordPress works best for our business, each business has distinct goals for their online presence where another platform may provide you the most value.

Below we list the 7 best platforms on which to create a website. For a fully optimized website that facilitates the most sales, we recommend hiring a digital marketing firm such as ours to ensure your business goals are addressed and completed.


Starting price is $14 a month.

Wix is famous for its ease of use. There are various beautiful templates, endless customization, and a simple drag and drop interface. While it is beautiful and uncomplicated to set up, Wix is not the most affordable website option. There are not many plugins available nor does the website have incredible ecommerce tools. In addition, there are a few negative customer reviews and no 24/7 customer support. Scaling up and selling in large quantities may prove difficult on this website. However, this website remains one of the most popular sites due to its straightforward design. The usability of this website makes updates easy to execute, and as your business dynamically changes and adapts, Wix can keep up!


Starting at $12 a month.

King of e-commerce. Squarespace allows you to sell online and accept payments without the need to use plug-ins. However, if you do end up using plug-ins, Squarespace allows you to add functionalities that allow you track inventory, highlight certain products, and provide previews to clothing. With sleek and phenomenal website design, your small business creates a distinct look and makes the sales desired with Squarespace.


Starting at $6 a month.

The best option for Brick and Mortar. Weebly allows you to make a website for the least amount of money and investment, just so long as you do not spring to add other features. With a straightforward design interface that allows you to customize your website greatly and a professional look that is easy to create, Weebly is best for driving traffic back to your business. You can set up blogs within Weebly, however, there are other website platforms (WordPress) in this list that provide much more value when it comes to setting them up.


Starting at $10 a month.

Speediest setup. This platform is best for creating your site if you are looking to save time, and money as well. Unfortunately, GoDaddy is the least customizable out of all of our website options. For large-scale e-commerce efforts or highly customized websites, you may want to try another one of our website platforms. However, if you are looking for a website in which to sell niche products, or advertise services, GoDaddy may prove to be very valuable. GoDaddy’s strength lies in its ease in setting up and low price point.


Starting at $4 a month.

This is probably our favorite option. We are actually on a WordPress site right now. WordPress is best for people who are already comfortable with navigating the internet. WordPress offers incredible built-in blogging. With a few plug-ins, WordPress offers exceptional e-commerce capabilities as well. Basically, WordPress is complicated but worth it. If you are looking for a straightforward and simple website we recommend Wix, Weebly, or GoDaddy. If you want a website with the most features, customizability, and functionality, and are willing to put in the work, we recommend WordPress.


Starting at $29.92 a month

BigCommerce is devoted to large-scale e-commerce. The name says it all. With a practical design and further functionality available through apps, BigCommerce can handle any number of sales. If you are looking for a website that can handle large-scale sales, and do not mind paying a premium price, Big Commerce is perfect for you!


Starting at $29 a month.

One of the most well-known platforms for building websites. There are name generators, tools to create logos, and tutorials on how to use the platform. This platform is perfect for starting out, especially if your business is exclusively online. However, there is also the large price point and the fact that many of the best themes and apps cost additional money. Some find the website tricky to use, however, many have found great use with this platform.


Running a business is hard enough already. As time passes and an online presence becomes more essential, building a website is becoming a task that is simply unavoidable. Customers now expect most businesses to be online. Faltering on a website can hinder sales and make your business appear illegitimate.

Different website platforms offer different advantages. If you are having trouble deciding on a particular platform, we recommend Wix and Shopify. However, there is no harm in trying all of these websites out and seeing which one satisfies your business needs.

Building a website costs time and money. Braven offers affordable options for website creation, if you are interested in having a highly functional website that will increase your sales, contact to us today!

Adding Admins to your FB Page

Adding admins to your facebook allows you to spread responsibility of page management. This is essential for businesses with in house marketing teams, outsourced digital marketing agencies, and anyone who would like a fresh perspective in general. Two heads are better than one. Here we will explain how to add an admin to your Facebook page:

If you are looking for how to create a facebook page, check out this other blog.

Adding an Admin to your Page

  1. Start at the News Feed. Select Pages in the menu to the left.
  2. Find your page and click on Page Settings  in the lower left part of the page.
  3. Select Page Roles.

4. Insert the desired name into the text box. It helps you find accounts if you have already added the person as a friend on facebook.

5. Select Editor and choose from the options in the drop down menu.

6. Select add. Put in your password, and the new person will be added!

If you are not friends with the person you wish to add, they will have to accept your invite before they can help you manage the page.

Removing Users from your FB Page

You must already be an Admin:

  1. Start at the News Feed. Select Pages in the menu to the left.
  2. Find your page and click on Page Settings  in the lower left part of the page.
  3. Select Page Roles.
  4. Select edit to the side of the person you want to remove from the page, and then select remove.
  5. Select Confirm. Facebook may ask you for your password.

If you are the only admin you will not be able to remove yourself from the page unless you have added a new admin. Other admins may have to approve your request to be removed.

Change Someone’s Role

You must already be an admin:

  1. Start at the News Feed. Select Pages in the menu to the left.
  2. Find your page and click on Page Settings  in the lower left part of the page.
  3. Select Page Roles.
  4. Select edit to the side of the person whose role you want to modify, choose a new role from the menu.
  5. Select save. Facebook may ask you for your password.

New admins must wait at least 7 days before being able to remove or edit other admins.


Utilizing these resources are essential for fully optimizing your facebook pages. Manage your page, add and remove whoever necessary, and promote and demote as you see fit. Adding admins is necessary for outsourced marketing.

LA Optimize Driving Success for LA (Program Overview)

City Near Mountain During Golden Hour

LA Optimized, an initiative to help local small businesses recover from the pandemic by expanding their e-commerce capabilities and growing their online presence. The project will be overseen by the Mayor’s newly appointed 2021 Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), Roberto Martinez.  This initiative will be achieved by: 

Creating or Optimizing Online Business Listings

closeup photo of silver iMac

A  business listing is supplemental information that draws customers into your business. They work most effectively with local brick and mortar businesses. They list important contact information, and details about their location. Some of the information listed is : 

  • Contact information 
  • Short description of the business 
  • Hours of operation
  • Popular times when customers arrive
  • url for the website 
  • Address 
  • Directions from your location 
  • photos of the business 
  • Reviews 
  • Similar businesses 

While search engines may create business listings automatically, these are not as trustworthy as creating one yourself. Competitors can insert their own contact information, and the search engine may forget to update outdated information.

purple flower on white box and brown clipboard

Performing E-commerce Audits

Ecommerce audits allow you to gage the performance of the business online. These audits also grant us access into the issues that obstruct proper online optimization. Auditing the website allows you to find which problems are holding the business back online, and interfere with creating the most competitive website possible. 

MacBook Pro on top of brown wooden table during daytime

Creating or Optimizing Business Websites

Creating and optimizing business websites allows you to significantly increase your customer base. Optimization allows you to improve your search rankings and reach a wider audience. This will allow you to encourage more purchases online, and expand your business. 

white open signage

Connecting Small Businesses to Creative and Design Services

Creative and design services distinguish your business from competitors. Having a unique aesthetic will help you stay in the minds of your customers, and will help you create a brand image. This aesthetic can be spread across social media channels, and repeated interaction with customers will lead to higher customer engagement and purchases of your products or services. 

four assorted paintings


LA optimized will help businesses who have been struggling with the Covid epidemic recover and expand. This pandemic has led to a surge in online purchases.

An estimated 2.05 billion people shopped online in 2020.  Because of coronavirus 42% of consumers bought groceries online.

63% of shopping occasions begin online.

81% of people search a business online before purchasing anything.

With an online presence becoming ever more important, now is the time to create an online presence and capitalize on these opportunities! If you are outside of the city of Los Angeles, take advantage of this initiative with a digital marketing agency today! 

City of LA Appoints Roberto Martinez as Entrepreneur in Residence

The city of Los Angeles appointed Roberto Martinez as the new Entrepreneur in Residence for Los Angeles! His experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO,  and Google Coach have prepared him to launch LA Optimize. This is an initiative that will help small businesses survive the pandemic by optimizing their online presence.


gray and blue Open signage

Roberto  Martinez understands the difficulties that come with managing a small business. His experience starting his own company prepared him to help others overcome these challenges.

Starting a business can be extremely difficult, however the rewards of success outweigh the costs. By going through these crucibles himself, Martinez is able to provide vital knowledge and expertise to other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship drives our economy, gives us wonderful new products, and inspires the next generation.

Martinez understands the value and necessity of this process, and has spent the last 15 years ensuring entrepreneurs have the capabilities they need to create.


Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks Folder

Braven Agency provides services in digital marketing that enable clients to realize their vision and business goals. Creating and running this company has gifted Martinez the experience that has taught him which aspects of an online presence are most vital.

Whether he is training others in search engine optimization, social media consultancy, website development, youtube video promotion, or a number of other services, his goals are always clear:

To generate online leads for his clients. Increase marketing ecommerce for his clients. To add value.

These skills have set him up to help LA recover from the pandemic. 

Google Coaching

Man in Beige Blazer Holding Tablet Computer

According to Bloom’s taxonomy, teaching requires the highest level of understanding.

By teaching groups of individuals online in various forms of online marketing, Martinez has cemented his skills in this field. 

He not only helps people help themselves, but he deepens his own understanding through each google coaching session.

If you are interested in learning through Roberto Martinez, you can attend any of his classes for FREE. 


Roberto Martinez understands the power and importance of online marketing. His mission is to help people help themselves, and through initiatives such as LA Optimize, he will widen access to marketing ecommerce. Sign up for LA Optimize at no cost to you today!

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