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5 Ways Your Retail Business Benefits From E Commerce

1. Increase Sales, Without Major Increases in  Overhead    Selling online allows you to store merchandise in another warehouse, storage locker, or cheaper alternative. […]

How To Boost Your Google Ranking In 6 Easy Steps (SEO)

Search engine results are a battlefield. Only one result comes out on top, and you are fighting people from all over the world […]

The 3 Best Websites to Advertise Restaurant Deals On

By Quetzal Martinez Every day, restaurants offer vouchers, coupons, and membership deals. Here are 3 of the best websites to advertise exclusive deals […]

7 Best Platforms to Build a Website

Building a website is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. Not only does this provide a new avenue in which […]

Adding Admins to your FB Page

Adding admins to your facebook allows you to spread responsibility of page management. This is essential for businesses with in house marketing teams, […]

Creating a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are vital business listings. Here I will explain how to create a Facebook page to engage with your customers. For Facebook […]

Government response to COVID 19:

Pandemics occur with varying effects. Some are more deadly than others. While Covid 19 has been terrible, I will take this pandemic over […]

Why Businesses Listings are Important

Consistency and convenience drive business. People love things that are easy, simple and straightforward. Putting important information in an easy to find place […]

LA Optimize Driving Success for LA (Program Overview)

LA Optimized, an initiative to help local small businesses recover from the pandemic by expanding their e-commerce capabilities and growing their online presence. […]

City of LA Appoints Roberto Martinez as Entrepreneur in Residence

The city of Los Angeles appointed Roberto Martinez as the new Entrepreneur in Residence for Los Angeles! His experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO,  […]

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