In collaboration with Kaiser Permanente, this exclusive program offers ICIC’s Inner City Capital Connections alumni the opportunity to engage with a dedicated marketing consultant. It focuses on the implementation of cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and e-commerce strategies to elevate online visibility, enhance audience engagement, optimize websites, and maximize sales and leads, delivering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to each business’s specific needs.


Businesses receive the following services through the ICIC Digital Business Optimization Program:

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Business Assessment Report

The business receives an in-depth assessment of their online presence, identifying what they’re doing well and what they could improve. 

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Consultation 1: Getting To Know The Business

This consultation focuses on learning more about the business and providing preliminary recommendations to improve their online presence.

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Consultation 2: The Next Steps

One month after the business implements the recommended changes from their 1st meeting, the strategy is reassessed based on how it’s performing.

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Consultation 3: Reporting & Analytics

Three months after the initial consultation, the analytics are assessed and the results of the implemented marketing strategy are analyzed.


Braven’s consultants offer precise action items tailored to each business’s unique needs. These recommendations range from revamping website layouts and maintaining a consistent social media posting schedule to exploring new marketing channels. The strategy solutions provided are meticulously crafted to align with each business’s distinct position within the marketplace.


This program is actively transforming businesses, but as it’s still in progress, we’re in the midst of crafting the success stories. Stay tuned for the results.

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