Charli Beauty Bar Case Study

Charli Beauty Bar has beautifying LA’s for the past seven years. Unfortunately, Covid 19 struck and hindered Charli’s ability to bring in new clients. To overcome this challenge, Charli knew she had to try something new.

The Challenge:

Charli needed to let her community know that she was open for business after COVID19. 

Further causing confusion and difficulty, Charli was still revamping her website so most of her leads came via calls. 

Many clients were unaware Charli had reopened. We needed to find a way to minimize the advantage of her competition as most were online with a ecommerce website.

The Solution:

We launched a targeted PPC campaign on Google and Facebook to reach everyone within 15 miles radius of Charli.

We also targeted key cities and demographics that fit Charli’s target customer. 

We also focused on phone leads as she was still  revamping her website.

We also targeted key cities and demographics that fit Charli’s target customer.

Success On All Fronts

Thanks to our target PPC campaign, we saw a 400% increase in revenue. We also saw a ROAS (return on Ad Spend) of over 1,500%!!!

By building a compelling and targeted Ads campaign we were able to increase sales at a low ad budget. 


in Revenue




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