Pyxos Case Study
My Three Sons Container Corporation had been around for over 40 years. Yet the changing online packaging industry meant they needed to adapt or become the next Blockbuster. That is where Pyxos Packaging comes in.

The Challenge:

The company needed to rebrand. The company’s branding was outdated and needed some serious love. Their logo, website, and overall brand identity looked out of step with the current packaging industry.

Pyxos is a full-service packaging company that provides a wealth of packaging services including designing and engineering packages, custom package creation, and even fulfillment. Prior to launching Pyxos, it was known by another name: Pyxos was operating under the name, My Three Sons Container Cooperation yet knew it had to offer new services online and reposition itself as an online packing service. That is where we Braven came in.

The Solution:

To redesign the company, Braven took a deep dive into the company’s inner workings, culture, ethos, and its competitor landscape. We also looked at the competitive landscape to position Pyxos against the market. 

The Results
We provided Pyxos with:

Logo Redesign

Brand ID

Renaming Exercise

Market Research

In a short time, the company’s image underwent a comprehensive makeover. Pyxos reports that as a result of its rebrand it’s now easier to attract new clients. Customers and prospective clients now hold their brand in higher regard and engage more frequently with their website.
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