The 3 Best Websites to Advertise Restaurant Deals On

By Quetzal Martinez

Every day, restaurants offer vouchers, coupons, and membership deals. Here are 3 of the best websites to advertise exclusive deals on, so you can gain and retain new customers.

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Easily the most famous platform to advertise deals on. While Groupon has the most reach, they do require you to discount your services by at least 50%, followed by another 50% off of the new purchase price. All in all this is a great platform with incredible savings, but also something that requires you to bank on creating returning customers.

A great way to ensure customers return is to send retargeting emails out. That in addition to creating a consistent email marketing campaign will bring them back for seconds! Moreover, sending discounts through text message campaigns works extremely well, however these tend to work most effectively with time sensitive deals. Braven Agency has dedicated experts who will make sure you maximize your investment in Groupon.

Living Social

Much like Groupon, Living Social advertises more than just deals on restaurants. This website is a great place to find millennials who are looking for deals more competitive that what they find on Postmates, Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats, or any other competitors. Great place to post deals and find new customers! is one of the most well known sites for restaurant deals. Its all in the name. The deals on this restaurant center on vouchers. Most of these vouchers are worth about $25 but sell for around $2 to $3. While this may be daunting at first, most customers must spend a given amount of money to redeem the voucher (typically $50-$70). One voucher is allowed per table, and taxes and tip are expected to be paid as if there was no voucher. Great place to bring in large groups of people who are likely to return.


Advertising on these websites is a great way to spread awareness of your business. While this will increase your business in the short term, using digital marketing to retarget customers back to your business is the best way to maximize overall revenue. Small business is all about relationships, and consistent communication will keep those relationships strong. Contact Braven Agency and earn long-term customers today!


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Why Businesses Listings are Important

Consistency and convenience drive business. People love things that are easy, simple and straightforward. Putting important information in an easy to find place helps drive new customers to your store. Especially local ones. Here we will explain 5 reasons why 

1. Improve your local search ranking 

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Creating consistent information helps search engines recognize your site as trustworthy. This trust translates into your site getting a boost in rankings. People will see your site faster than competitors. By also including your location, your boost in rankings is even higher when customers are near your business. 

2. Create contact information that is consistent 

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Consistency is just as important to customers as it is to Google.  Providing customers with consistent information lets them know you are professional and legitimate. If customers use a phone number that has been discontinued they will take their business elsewhere. 

3. Protect your online reputation 

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Competitors can commit fraud and replace your phone number with theirs. Creating a business listing ensures that customers receive the correct information when searching for your business. Google sometimes creates listings on its own. However these listings may also include outdated information. By taking control of the listing you ensure that your business has a legitimate reputation. 

4. Increase website traffic

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With a boost in rankings more people will come across your site. Also with your business listing appearing on the side of the search engine results page, customers can see your information before they make their selection. Both of these actions will significantly widen your audience and customer base.

5. Increase phone calls to your business

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Many people use Google on their mobile phones. By including a phone number in your listing, you enable customers to call you easily. An outdated phone number would discourage business. Having a business listing with the correct phone number ensures that customers will contact the right establishment. 


Business listings help boost your ranking on search engines, brings in more customers, and enables a connection that facilitates an easy interaction between you and your customers. LA Optimize, an initiative brought forth by Mayor Garcetti and EIR Roberto Martinez, helps businesses in the city of Los Angeles acquire these listings for FREE. For businesses outside of the city of Los Angeles, Braven Agency can create these listings as well. 

LA Optimize Driving Success for LA (Program Overview)

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LA Optimized, an initiative to help local small businesses recover from the pandemic by expanding their e-commerce capabilities and growing their online presence. The project will be overseen by the Mayor’s newly appointed 2021 Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), Roberto Martinez.  This initiative will be achieved by: 

Creating or Optimizing Online Business Listings

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A  business listing is supplemental information that draws customers into your business. They work most effectively with local brick and mortar businesses. They list important contact information, and details about their location. Some of the information listed is : 

  • Contact information 
  • Short description of the business 
  • Hours of operation
  • Popular times when customers arrive
  • url for the website 
  • Address 
  • Directions from your location 
  • photos of the business 
  • Reviews 
  • Similar businesses 

While search engines may create business listings automatically, these are not as trustworthy as creating one yourself. Competitors can insert their own contact information, and the search engine may forget to update outdated information.

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Performing E-commerce Audits

Ecommerce audits allow you to gage the performance of the business online. These audits also grant us access into the issues that obstruct proper online optimization. Auditing the website allows you to find which problems are holding the business back online, and interfere with creating the most competitive website possible. 

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Creating or Optimizing Business Websites

Creating and optimizing business websites allows you to significantly increase your customer base. Optimization allows you to improve your search rankings and reach a wider audience. This will allow you to encourage more purchases online, and expand your business. 

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Connecting Small Businesses to Creative and Design Services

Creative and design services distinguish your business from competitors. Having a unique aesthetic will help you stay in the minds of your customers, and will help you create a brand image. This aesthetic can be spread across social media channels, and repeated interaction with customers will lead to higher customer engagement and purchases of your products or services. 

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LA optimized will help businesses who have been struggling with the Covid epidemic recover and expand. This pandemic has led to a surge in online purchases.

An estimated 2.05 billion people shopped online in 2020.  Because of coronavirus 42% of consumers bought groceries online.

63% of shopping occasions begin online.

81% of people search a business online before purchasing anything.

With an online presence becoming ever more important, now is the time to create an online presence and capitalize on these opportunities! If you are outside of the city of Los Angeles, take advantage of this initiative with a digital marketing agency today! 

City of LA Appoints Roberto Martinez as Entrepreneur in Residence

The city of Los Angeles appointed Roberto Martinez as the new Entrepreneur in Residence for Los Angeles! His experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO,  and Google Coach have prepared him to launch LA Optimize. This is an initiative that will help small businesses survive the pandemic by optimizing their online presence.


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Roberto  Martinez understands the difficulties that come with managing a small business. His experience starting his own company prepared him to help others overcome these challenges.

Starting a business can be extremely difficult, however the rewards of success outweigh the costs. By going through these crucibles himself, Martinez is able to provide vital knowledge and expertise to other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship drives our economy, gives us wonderful new products, and inspires the next generation.

Martinez understands the value and necessity of this process, and has spent the last 15 years ensuring entrepreneurs have the capabilities they need to create.


Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks Folder

Braven Agency provides services in digital marketing that enable clients to realize their vision and business goals. Creating and running this company has gifted Martinez the experience that has taught him which aspects of an online presence are most vital.

Whether he is training others in search engine optimization, social media consultancy, website development, youtube video promotion, or a number of other services, his goals are always clear:

To generate online leads for his clients. Increase marketing ecommerce for his clients. To add value.

These skills have set him up to help LA recover from the pandemic. 

Google Coaching

Man in Beige Blazer Holding Tablet Computer

According to Bloom’s taxonomy, teaching requires the highest level of understanding.

By teaching groups of individuals online in various forms of online marketing, Martinez has cemented his skills in this field. 

He not only helps people help themselves, but he deepens his own understanding through each google coaching session.

If you are interested in learning through Roberto Martinez, you can attend any of his classes for FREE. 


Roberto Martinez understands the power and importance of online marketing. His mission is to help people help themselves, and through initiatives such as LA Optimize, he will widen access to marketing ecommerce. Sign up for LA Optimize at no cost to you today!

Benefits of Understanding the Customer Journey

The customer journey outlines the decision making process we all go though when we make a purchase. Here we discuss the benefits of understanding the customer journey.

What are the benefits of creating a brand?

Creating a business is about more than just selling a product. You must sell an idea as well. Apple sells the idea of simplicity in their products. Dove’s women’s campaign sells the idea (simple truth) that every woman is beautiful. This idea needs to represent values. These values need to be seen everywhere, from digital ads, to email marketing campaigns, to social media posts, everywhere you see the brand. Some of these values are support of the environment, inclusion, convenience or all three combined. Digital marketing agencies such as Braven are experts in branding, and can even handle this aspect of the business for their clients. Here we will go into detail about how creating a powerful brand backed up by undeniable values can benefit your business.

Benefits of Creating a Brand

Stand out in a busy market 
People On The Street

By establishing a brand with a clear purpose you begin to separate yourself from countless other businesses in the same industry. By putting meaning behind your logo you can inspire customers to further support you over the competition. A great first impression can go a long way.  

Increase credibility
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Owning an established brand makes you seem more credible than otherwise. Expertise and maintaining a professional attitude encourages people to trust in your brand. As you build on your success and reputation, this will also build on the reputation of the brand. 

Charge more for your products and or services
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As credibility is built and put into the brand, the reputation of the brand improves. The better the reputation of the brand, the more money the brand can charge. By creating a brand you set yourself up for future success. 

Facilitate customer loyalty 
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By incorporating values into your brand, the brand becomes meaningful. Meaningful brands inspire customer loyalty by like minded individuals. People want to put their money into services that will support causes they agree with. By creating a brand that upholds those values, customers will then become loyal to brands that deliver on that value. 

Encourage repeat customers and referrals to others 
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If you deliver what people want, they will return for more. An effective brand will not only inspire people to return, but to also refer you to those around them. Satisfied customers will refer others to your brand so they receive the same satisfaction. 

Create consistency
Gray and Black Hive Printed Textile

Consistency in branding simplifies many questions. The colors, fonts and subject matter to include in content for each post will already be laid out. Not only does this make it easier to put out promotional content, but it also makes your content easier to recognize. 

Attract ideal clients
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Branding helps reinforce the ideas needed to attract your ideal clientele. Good branding will showcase the values held by the business, and will draw in people who agree with those values. 

Save money and effort over time 
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By beginning with a solid foundation, you save yourself from future headaches. Taking the time to define a brand early on in a business allows you to focus on your product and or services. Neglecting this task will lead to time consuming changes, so taking the time to properly establish your brand initially is a must. 

Increase confidence in your business
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People are more inclined to support an established brand. The brand lends credibility to the products and services you are offering. An established brand also drives up morale within the organization as well. Clear goals and values will inspire people to work harder because they are working for something they believe in. 

Make it easier to introduce new products or services 
Close-up of Hand over White Background

As your brand attracts loyal, ideal customers, it will become easier to introduce new products and or services. People who follow your brand on social media will be able to find out about new products or services they are interested in. Past satisfaction with the brand makes customers more likely to try new products. The other day I tried some Tapatio ramen just because of my love of the hot sauce. I like ramen and Tapatio, but I do not usually buy ramen. But the simple fact a brand I was loyal to came out with an interesting product inspired me to try it out. 

Give a clear strategy for moving forward
Anonymous man riding skateboard on road

Branding simplifies strategy. With values to uphold, a consistent image to deliver, and a loyal customer base to satisfy, branding makes marketing much more straightforward. Incorporating digital marketing is a great way to optimize the mileage you get out of a strong brand.


Creating a brand, is vital for effective marketing. In order to learn about this concept in further depth, Roberto Martinez is hosting a FREE class that goes over creating a brand on Jan 7, 2021. You can RSVP here. If the demands of running your business are taking up a large portion of your time, digital marketing agencies such as Braven Agency, can effectively execute these tasks so you can focus on what matters most, running an outstanding business.

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8 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing can be intimidating. Managing SEO, Social Media, Google Paid Ads, Email Marketing, website development, and so much more, can be exhausting.

However, online shopping has grown by 504% in the past 10 years. 

Digital marketing does more than just help businesses sell products. Politicians use online marketing in their political campaigns, non-profit charity organizations use online marketing to drive donations, influencers use online marketing to gain followers.

Mastering online marketing requires substantial time and money. Luckily, marketing agencies are willing to shoulder the burden for us. 

Here are 8 reasons why they should:

1) You will make more money.  

Digital marketing opens the door to the entire global market. By incorporating digital marketing, you open your business to roughly 7 billion people worldwide. 

Over time, hiring a small band of in house marketers is much more expensive than simply hiring a digital marketing agency. 

Yes there are initial costs, but this is nothing compared to the costs of hiring more staff. Health benefits, holidays, tools, management.

Most marketing agencies function as independent contractors. This cuts out the need for these aforementioned initial costs, and saves the firm valuable time that should be spent elsewhere. 

Time is money, after all. 

2) You will save valuable time.

Time management is essential for success. Ask any successful firm or person.

The time taken to hire more staff would distract from other key responsibilities. As would training or developing the skills needed yourself. 

Some people try to add digital marketing to their already staggering list of duties. This leads to other essential tasks being neglected. 

Tasks that workers are already experts in. 

3) You will work with experts.

Marketing agencies are experts in the fields that they work in.

Digital marketing agencies are highly responsive. They are familiar with the trends in the industry, the tools to properly reach audiences, and the timing to properly maximize results. 

Effective digital marketing requires focus. 

4) You can focus on what matters.

Successful entrepreneurs focus on innovation. Effective politicians focus on the needs of the people. Scientists are focused on a vaccine.

Digital Marketing Agencies focus on online marketing. They spend all of their time doing what they need to do, so you can do what you need to do. Trying to do everything at once just does not work. Time needs to be dedicated to achieving specific goals. 

5) You can maximize safety. 

With the pandemic going on, online marketing is the safest option by far. 

We need to keep 6 feet. We need to keep each other safe. By going online and working with professionals who can deliver results in the most efficient way possible, we can beat this pandemic and continue to run successful businesses. 

This pandemic has led to a boom in online sales. Amazon has doubled its profits this past quarter, raking in 5.2 billion dollars! 

Now is the time to grow sales online with your new digital marketing company. You can do this through a variety of online tools. 

6) You can utilize expensive tools. 

Paying for these tools yourself are a large cost, not to mention the time spent in training personnel to use these tools, or hiring new workers to use these tools.  

Some Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools cost as much as $15,000 just to set up.

By hiring a marketing agency you maximize your dollars. You only pay once, instead of paying money to various places to gain access to these tools. On top of receiving utilization of these tools, you also get experts who can enlarge your profits, not to mention your clientele base. 

But these professionals do more than utilize tools, they provide fresh ideas. 

7) Fresh Ideas are inevitable.

Two heads are better than one. 

By hiring a marketing agency you employ an entirely new company culture. This culture is entrenched with people who are already innovative and they can provide a new perspective. 

The digital marketing agency can work with whatever teams or individuals who are in place. They can share ideas for the more traditional marketing being done, and they can work together to protect the brand image in place. 

Marketing is about ensuring a product satisfies the needs of the consumers. Hiring a digital marketing agency will guarantee that your audience is being satisfied. You will also be exposed to new techniques that will provide results. 

8) Results are easily identifiable.

woman designer working on the pen table in office top view

You will be able to track the progress of your digital marketing.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of one marketing agency, you can simply pivot and work with a different one. A new strategy will be implemented quickly, and the convenience will not cease. 

If you had an in house team you would have to fire workers, provide workers comp, and proceed to go through the hiring process all over again. 

Conclusion: We need Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing makes our lives easier. With Digital Marketing you can:

  • Widen your audience to untold numbers.
  • Allow yourself to focus on what needs to be done to run a successful business.
  • Grant yourself the potential for rapid expansion.
  • Open many doors in a cost effective way. 

Come expand your horizons with the best digital marketing agency in Los Angeles!

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