Adding Admins to your FB Page

Adding admins to your facebook allows you to spread responsibility of page management. This is essential for businesses with in house marketing teams, outsourced digital marketing agencies, and anyone who would like a fresh perspective in general. Two heads are better than one. Here we will explain how to add an admin to your Facebook […]

Creating a Facebook Page

Braven Agency's professional Social Media management services in action.

Facebook pages are vital business listings. Here I will explain how to create a Facebook page to engage with your customers. For Facebook page creation, Instagram page creation, Yelp page creation, SEO, PPC Advertising, GMB listings, email marketing, and various other forms of digital marketing services, I recommend hiring a digital marketing agency such as […]

Why Businesses Listings are Important

Consistency and convenience drive business. People love things that are easy, simple and straightforward. Putting important information in an easy to find place helps drive new customers to your store. Especially local ones. Here we will explain 5 reasons why  1. Improve your local search ranking  Creating consistent information helps search engines recognize your site […]

City of LA Appoints Roberto Martinez as Entrepreneur in Residence

The city of Los Angeles appointed Roberto Martinez as the new Entrepreneur in Residence for Los Angeles! His experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO,  and Google Coach have prepared him to launch LA Optimize. This is an initiative that will help small businesses survive the pandemic by optimizing their online presence. Entrepreneurship  Roberto  Martinez understands the […]

Why is Branding Beneficial for your Business?

Creating a business is about more than just selling a product, it is about selling an idea. This is why Fortune 500 companies invest so heavily in certain grants, scholarships, charities, and in environmentally friendly practices. By reassuring customers that they are supporting worthy causes, customers gain emotional satisfaction from purchasing their products and services. […]

Why Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Is Cheaper Than Doing It Yourself

Digital Marketing can be overwhelming. Managing Search Engine Optimization. Posting consistently on Social Media. Designing Google Paid Ads. Using Email Marketing to gain and retain customers. Executing website development. Consistently updating the website to ensure it remains relevant. That is just the tip of the iceberg! We have not even brought up brand personas, defining […]