Recoup Revenue With The Perfect Abandoned Cart Email

Are you investing time, energy and resources into facilitating the following services to increase Web Traffic? After all this preparation to bring traffic to your E-commerce website, do you still have people filling up carts for purchase, and then abandoning them without finalizing a sale? In this article we will explain how to plug these […]

How You Can Sell More During The Holiday Season (With Digital Marketing)

The past two years have been full of challenges. If Covid-19 has affected your business, this may be the time of year to bounce back. After all, the holiday season has potential to be the most profitable time of the year. Last year during the holiday season, Americans spent $188.2 billion dollars. Ecommerce sales also […]

Adding Admins to your FB Page

Adding admins to your facebook allows you to spread responsibility of page management. This is essential for businesses with in house marketing teams, outsourced digital marketing agencies, and anyone who would like a fresh perspective in general. Two heads are better than one. Here we will explain how to add an admin to your Facebook […]

LA Optimize Driving Success for LA (Program Overview)

LA Optimized, an initiative to help local small businesses recover from the pandemic by expanding their e-commerce capabilities and growing their online presence. The project will be overseen by the Mayor’s newly appointed 2021 Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), Roberto Martinez.  This initiative will be achieved by:  Creating or Optimizing Online Business Listings A  business listing is supplemental […]

City of LA Appoints Roberto Martinez as Entrepreneur in Residence

The city of Los Angeles appointed Roberto Martinez as the new Entrepreneur in Residence for Los Angeles! His experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO,  and Google Coach have prepared him to launch LA Optimize. This is an initiative that will help small businesses survive the pandemic by optimizing their online presence. Entrepreneurship  Roberto  Martinez understands the […]